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Clarity is the term used to describe the size and number of inclusions in a diamond that can be seen with a 10x magnifying loupe. These inclusions are nature's finger print and make every diamond unique. Most are not discernable to the naked eye and require magnification to become apparent.

The position of inclusions can affect the value of a diamond. Some inclusions can be hidden by the setting, thus having little effect on the beauty of a diamond. An inclusion in the middle or top of a diamond could impact the dispersion of light, sometimes making the diamond less brilliant.

Large inclusions interfere with the dispersion of light and therefore the diamonds brilliance. The larger or more numerous the inclusions the less valuable the diamond. The fewer the inclusions, the rarer the stone. Each diamond will have its own unique inclusions in various positions within the diamond. VVS, VS and SI inclusions are not visible to the naked eye - they are only visible through magnification. There are very few flawless diamonds found in nature, thus these diamonds are much more valuable.